Tell me about riding gear and luggage?

On our motorbike tours with a support vehicle we ask that if you are travelling with big bags to bring a smaller bag for use on the tour to carry your clothes and essential items, especially if you are in a big group.  This saves space in our truck which also needs to carry motorcycle spares and tool kits etc and also stops our support driver complaining of a bad back (hehhehe).  Any items that you do not need to take riding with you can be left with us for your return.

We have riding gear available if needed but it is subject to availability.  Boots and helmets are always a problem due to so many different sizes so will will need at least that. Most people prefer to bring all their own gear as it's more comfortable - For dirt bike and Dual Sport Tours: you will need at least boots, arm/ knee pads, upper body protection, full face hemet and gloves.  For road tours: Riding boots, pants & Jacket with suitable inner protection, helmet and gloves.


Safety is paramount on our tours!  We are a professional motorbike tour company and you will not be riding with us unless you are suitable protected.  Everything can be bought in Chiang Mai when you arrive but you will need to have one full day before you ride to get this sorted.

Our Motorbike Tours

8 Day Enduro Dirt Bike Tour of the best riding South East Asia can offer!
7 Day Enduro Dirt Bike Tour for street riders to learn off road biking techniques.
8 Day Dual Sport Motorcycle Tour. The best of both worlds - On Road & Off Road! 
4 Day Enduro Dirt Bike Tour on fantastic Jungle trails in the far North West Of Thailand... 
2 Day Dirt Bike Tour that can be tailored to your Schedule - Budget and Riding Experience!
9 Day Guided Adventure Motorcycle Tour to the Golden Triangle bordering Burma & Laos! 
3 Days of outstanding road touring on the Famous Mae Hong Son Loop.  Unbeatable!
2 Day Motorbike tour on the Mae Hong Son loop to Pai in the stunning Shan Mountains!
2 Days Dual Sport Motorbike Tour - Choose the standard trip or tailor it to your needs.
4 day Dual Sport Motorbike Tour.  Best roads with stunning off road wilderness riding.
How do you want your Dual Sport Motorbike Tour?  Tell us and we'll arrange it for you!   
Guided Motorcycle Road Tours.  Tell us how you want it and leave the rest to us!