When Is The Best Time To Ride Motorbikes In Thailand?

The absolute best time to ride motorbikes in Northern Thailand is Mid October through February, this is our peak season and offers cool temperatures of around mid 20's to 30's little or no rain and lush green forests.  March through June Is the hotter period with temperatures getting up to the mid 30's with chances of rain but this is often a relief from the warmer weather.  July through Mid October is the monsoons:  Its still good to ride but you need to be prepared for rain which in the most part is late afternoons.

During the monsoon period of June through October anyone wishing to join a dirt bike tour must be experienced riders and prepared to do some mud plugging and prepare for mayhem.  We do ride dirt tours in the monsoon period but we often have to make changes to the schedule to deal with the local conditions.  Once you apply for a tour date we will discuss this with you in details  Contact Our Team

Our Motorbike Tours

8 Day Enduro Dirt Bike Tour of the best riding South East Asia can offer!
7 Day Enduro Dirt Bike Tour for street riders to learn off road biking techniques.
8 Day Dual Sport Motorcycle Tour. The best of both worlds - On Road & Off Road! 
4 Day Enduro Dirt Bike Tour on fantastic Jungle trails in the far North West Of Thailand... 
2 Day Dirt Bike Tour that can be tailored to your Schedule - Budget and Riding Experience!
9 Day Guided Adventure Motorcycle Tour to the Golden Triangle bordering Burma & Laos! 
3 Days of outstanding road touring on the Famous Mae Hong Son Loop.  Unbeatable!
2 Day Motorbike tour on the Mae Hong Son loop to Pai in the stunning Shan Mountains!
2 Days Dual Sport Motorbike Tour - Choose the standard trip or tailor it to your needs.
4 day Dual Sport Motorbike Tour.  Best roads with stunning off road wilderness riding.
How do you want your Dual Sport Motorbike Tour?  Tell us and we'll arrange it for you!   
Guided Motorcycle Road Tours.  Tell us how you want it and leave the rest to us!