Tour Styles Explained

Tour Styles Explained

Information about our 5 different tour styles.

Dirt Bike Tours ThailandThese tours operate within a 14,000 square kilometer of the rugged North West region of Thailand in the two largest provinces in the country.  These areas are the largest forested in Thailand and the least populated, covered in pristine forest with the highest mountain range in Thailand rising up to 2565 meters above sea level.


Home to the famous 'Hill Tribe' Minority groups such as Lisu, lahu, Hmong, Meo, Karen, Padong and many more it's a place for rugged adventurers with raging rivers, high waterfalls and due to the high mountain peaks it has a micro climate like no other in the Kingdom offering without a shadow of a doubt the best dirt biking available in Thailand.


These trips ebb directly into the adventurous bracket, though some than others.  Good quality accommodation is arranged so you won't miss out on creature comforts despite in some locations the only tourists will be us.  You may find yourself directly in the jungle on one or two nights but even then we have arranged comfortable digs with BBQ under the stars 'jungle style'


There maybe times when you feel you are outside of your comfort zone but that is part of the adventure for this type of tour but never forget that you are in good hands with one of the most experienced companies in Thailand. 'Trust Our Experience'.


We can arrange these tours to suit all levels of rider ability but if you feel doubtful about your ability don't be afraid to discuss it with us.  We would actually prefer you to be open about your ability so we can ensure you are book onto a tour that suits you.  Contact Us for more information or take a look at our Off Road Based tours. if you are looking for an adventure, this is where you will find it.  

Adventure Motorbike Tours ThailandOperating in the far North west and North of Thailand and into the infamous Golden triangle region these tours offer a great balance between Road Touring and Off Road riding.  Think about Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman in the 'Long Way Down' TV series and this should give you an idea of what it's about.


Suited mostly for experienced road riders who have little or no off road riding experience, our philosophy is to take you deeper and farther into some of the lesser known regions of Thailand much deeper than you could ever go with a road bike,  but combined with some of the best roads in Thailand. 


We love these trips as we see a distinct change in the customers after just a day or so riding. With road touring on sports bikes you are pretty much stuck to well, "Road Riding",  yet considering Northern Thailand has more stretches of dirt trails than blacktop you are only seeing a small percentage of this amazing country.  Once we have introduced the group to some dirt and 'Adventure" usually the group want to stay on it.


An 'Adventure Tour' will open your biking horizons, visiting more places and gaining valuable off road riding skills that can also be taken onto the road.  You will gain  satisfaction from each days ride knowing that roads are no longer a boundary and the only barrier is your adventure spirit or ability but after a few days with us your ability will improve and with it your pioneering attitude!


The off road sections are classed as fairly easy though we gauge the riders ability on the trips so able to kick it up a notch or two if needed.   If you are comfortable on road you will not have a problem on these tours. If you are after more severe dirt riding may we suggest looking at our dedicated dirt bike tours.


Though we mentioned Ewan McGregor etc, we do not use heavy Adventure style bikes as where we go is not suited to them plus  the bikes will end up wrecked and you will need every ounce of strength to keep it on line.   Instead you will be riding an all terrain bike such as the Honda CRF or Kawasaki KLX with all terrain tyres fitted. These tyres are unbelievably sticky on road and good off road.  Do not think we will put you on road with knobbly tyres, this isn't going to happen.


If these tours seem like something you would like a crack at please Contact Us and chat about it.  All our adventure tours are listed here.

Motorbike Road Tours ThailandThailand is a veritable 'Mecca' for motorcyclists flocking here from all over the world to ride these awesome roller coaster roads. When you take your first look at a Thai mountain road it's like seeing a water slide on a hot day - You just gotta get on it and ride it!


Your tour leader alone has 18 years experience riding in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam alone and combined with the tour support rider, your team will have a valuable 29 years riding experience in Asia.  We have the experience however, our Road Tours are not the same as many others you may see on the web!


If all you wish to do is play follow the leader from one tourist hot spot to another then our road tours may not be suitable for you.  Our road tours are geared up for the ride more than the tourist destinations and the way we plan each tour is very different from many...


Most companies when planning their tours choose the destinations on the map first and the route is a simple case of joining up the dots.  We choose routes that offer awesome scenery and most importantly are an absolute joy to ride, the stuff that riders dream about!  Once we have  connected our routes together we then choose our accommodation to fit into the routes.  Not always easy as some of the routes we select are remote but after 15 years of perfecting our routes we are proud to offer some of the best road riding in Thailand and with good accommodation on route. 


We also do not operate strict itineraries which may sound strange but at the end of the day not everyone rides at the same speed and not everyone wants to visit temple after temple, waterfall after yet another waterfall etc. Our customers come here for one main reason,  to ride some of the best roads in Asia so rather than use a strict itinerary we have the experience and ability to offer tours that suit absolutely everyone by altering routes on the fly to suit everyone. To us riding is far more important than visiting temples and our customers also believe the same.  Of course your trip will still be a holiday and you will see some of the best spots in the country but only the ones on the best roads in Thailand.  You came to ride so lets ride!


You are not restricted just to Thailand we also operate tours into Laos, Cambodia and soon into Burma.  Contact Us today if you feel what we offer is what you're looking for in a motorbike tour!

Rider Training Tours ThailandRider training tours are designed for people who may feel they do not have the confidence to ride on our other tours giving a chance to gain riding experience and tips and technique, as as well as see Thailand on two wheels.


We offer a variety of options designed to give you added riding skills with some designed to add onto the beginning of our main tours as a chance to warm up. We have priced all our tours competitively for you.


Before you book any of our rider training tours we will need to speak to you to ensure the tour you want to book will suit your riding experience/ability.  Our most popular tours are off road training giving you a taste of what it's all about out in the field rather than in a classroom environment.  We also offer Road riding tours for people who have the common fear of bends.  When you leave us you will be a better rider and better can also translate as safer.


For more information please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. 

These tours were designed for people looking for a short budget ride who may already be in Thailand or Chiang Mai.  Unlike our standard main tours that include almost everything into the package including accommodation on the day you arrive and return from the ride these tours are slimmed down to the basics but can be tailored around for you should you ask us to.


Despite our budget tours are priced competitively and not as much is included into the package we have included good accommodation into the price.  We also give free basic protective gear for your use while you are with us.


These tours are also great if you are doing a recce for your motorbike club and the reason we set them up.  larger groups often send one member out to check up on us and our routes with the intention of a full tour in the future.


With maybe the exception of our 'Border Loop' our budget off road tours cannot offer the terrain as you would get on our main dirt bike tours due to the short duration of them.  The best riding to be had is close to the border of Burma but 2-3 days is simply not enough time to take you to this area.


If you would like more information or would like to tailor a budget tour please tell us your requirements and we will be pleased to arrange something for you



The vast majority of all our tours are individually tailor made to suit the customers riding ability and requirements. 


Off road tours only run in Northern Thailand and Laos as that is where the dirt trails are. Road tours can operate all over Thailand and also into neighboring countries. Click here to tailor a tour it's simple.

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