Choosing A Tour

Choosing A Tour

Common questions regards arranging your motorbike tour

We can tailor the routes on most of our tours to suit different levels of rider and if you're a confident rider just choose a dirt bike tour you fancy and leave it to us.  If you feel you need some training maybe select one of our dirt training tours.  

At the end of the day many of our past dirt bike customers were in the same situation so go with your gut feeling, you're in safe hands. 

Our "Dirt Biking" tours are mainly off road based riding in the mountains, jungles and rivers in North West Thailand and these tours are all about the biking and venturing to places off the beaten track and often off the map.  By far our most popular tour and serious fun.

An "Adventure Tour" is predominantly road based but also incorporates dirt trails maybe 25-35% of the time. You will be riding a dirt bike rather than an Adventure style bike such as the Kawasaki Versys or BMW GS1200 Style machine as a big bike is just too big and heavy for the terrain.  These tours are perfectly suited for people who are not used to off road riding and want to give it a go.

Our road and off road training tours are popular and offer a chance to learn the new techniques required for off road riding.  

Don't choose a training tour if you are a solid and competent and confident road rider as you will be fine on a normal dirt bike tour, just tell us your experience before you book so we get you into a group with riders of the same experience as yourself.

Choose an off road training tour if you lack confidence on a bike.   

Sadly it's quite a common for a motorbike tour company to cancel your booking at the last minute because the minimum group numbers has not been achieved. We will never do this to you.


Once we have confirmed your tour date we will ALWAYS operate your tour even if you are on your own and at the agreed price!  In this instance, the only changes we would make in is the support truck maybe omitted and possibly the tail/support rider but apart from that your tour will still go ahead as planned!


We are one of the longest established companies in Thailand with a large customer database and customer turnover hence we can usually fill our tours.  If you are considering a tour and booking alone with specific dates there is a high chance we will not be able to confirm your tour so we strongly urge you to Contact Us as far in advance as possible to guarantee your tour place. 

There are 3 distinct seasons in Thailand and Northern Thailand gets slightly different weather patterns than the south.

October to end February - Cool season.  The best time to ride! Weather is perfect,  trails perfect, road grip perfect no rain!  Weather similar to a good European summer.

March - May - Hot season.  Extremely hot, roads can be a bit slippery in March & April, trails can be dusty, temperatures can be into the early 40's, Cools down a little bit in May but chances of light rain but nothing that would really affect riding.

June to September - Wet season.  The high temperatures have subsided slightly but humidity very high. monsoonal rains.  You need to be very cautious about riding August & September!   

We offer great deals for pillion passengers!  The pillion passenger price is stated on each individual tour page.  

Pillion passenger are only permitted on our road tours.  Riding off road with a passenger on terrain such as Thailand is not enjoyable and not safe so not permitted.

We offer great deals for your non riding family and friends to come along with you.  If they do not want to travel pillion they can travel in our support vehicle on a parallel tour with daily activities and English speaking guide visiting the highlights along the way.

The truck will meet up with the bike group at the end of every evening. 

All tours begin and end in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand the motorbike capital of the country.  Getting to Chiang Mai is very easy and just a 1 hour flight from Bangkok and flights are very low cost.

Tip: There are 2 airports in Bangkok, 1 serving international flights and regular priced domestic flights and another that serves only low cost airlines. Both airports are quite a distance from each other (Up to 1 Hour).  


If you are landing in Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi) and plan on joining a connecting flight to Chiang Mai on arrival book a flight with Thai Airways & Bangkok Airways Their flights are not expensive and they fly out of the main airport plus they allow a good baggage allowance!


If you are on a budget and/or you are staying in Bangkok before you come to Chiang Mai try Lion Air. Flights with them are very cheap especially booked in advance but they fly from the second airport Don Muang.


Very BIG tip: If you are catching a taxi in Bangkok to any of the airports MAKE SURE you tell the driver the name of the airport and make sure he fully understands you.  Being taken to the wrong airport is not uncommon.


Trains, Buses?  Forget it!

For your enjoyment we operate small group sizes but for group bookings motorcycle clubs etc,  we can take a larger group size. 


Scheduled tours that are open for anyone to join we try not to exceed 6 riders for off road and Adventure tours and 8 riders for road tours.

Sorry, no!  For your safety we cannot permit beginners on any of our main tours but we do offer Training days and training tours which will be the best place for you to start looking.

Some tours are rated specific such as suitable for  "Novice" or "Beginner" but some are broadly rated "Intermediate - Advanced".


Beginner: Specifically designed for people with very little riding skills at all and these will be found only on our Training tours.

Novice:  Tours designed for people who ride but have yet to gain many riding skills.

Intermediate - Advanced: These are tours that only suit people of at least intermediate riding ability.  If you book one of these tours on your own we arrange it so other people who join your dates will be of the same experience as yourself.  Trails can be adjusted on these tours to suit riders of varying ability so if advanced riders book we choose trails to suit their experience and the same for intermediate riders.


Contact Us for more information

Providing you tell us your honest riding experience before you book this should not happen and since 1999 we have never had anyone unable to finish a tour because of this.


We are often asked this by people who want to join one of our Dual Terrain Tours who have no previous off road riding experience.  ALL our tours demand that you are at least capable to ride in most situations on road bikes and if you can handle a road bike with ease there is no reason why you can't cope with any of the Dual Terrain Tours.  The trails are not too challenging on these trips though we can always find more challenging stuff for you if you want it!. Trust our experience on this!



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