Thailand To Laos Tour

Riding through two distinctly different countries and on the longest tour we operate with each evenings accommodation varied but nicely balanced out through the entire 12 day ride.

On your arrival into Chiang Mai you will have a private room in a 3 star hotel directly in the center of all the nightlife with a pool and all amenities.


Throughout the trip the accommodation ranges from large modern hotels, small family run guest houses to beautiful mountain resorts, all comfortable and even could be classed a luxury at times.  On the odd occasion in Laos we have no alternative than to stay in quite basic "Laos Style" guest houses when in the more remote regions but usually followed by a more luxurious pad on the night after.  Riding through a Third world country such as Laos at times we have no choice than to stay in whatever accommodation is available but they are always clean,  though basic with just a bed and a hot shower with no frills but as we said, only now and then.


All in all the accommodation is pretty darn good throughout and combined with the routes we are taking this is one heck of a tour. 


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Please Note: Accommodation images are only meant as a guideline only.  We have arrangements with over forty hotels and often need to use various places due to availability especially during the peak season. We may also need to alter the destination on the fly to account for local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Motorbike Thailand

Operating since 1999 Motorbike Thailand have the experience and back up support to create some of the best motorbike tours available in Thailand.  You can choose a scheduled tour straight from our website or we can tailor one to suit your exacting needs and you can even choose a multi country tour into neighbouring Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam or even Thailand to India!


You can choose to join in with an existing group or we can arrange a private tour for individuals and small groups.

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