Our off road training tours are all individually tailored to your specifications and your riding ability.  Our aim is to show you that dirt bike riding is not as difficult as it may initially seem, at least with dirt biking it's just you, the bike and mother nature but with road riding you also need to add other road users into the equation and who knows what they are going to do!

We can operate a simple one day initial introduction course taking you just outside the city of Chiang Mai to begin a day on some dirt trails showing you the tips and techniques that will make riding off road easier to deal with.  We can also take it a few steps forward and take you farther afield making the trails more challenging on a day to day basis.


Our training tours are also useful for some people joining our Adventure Dual Terrain  trips who may feel they do not have the confidence to do the off road sections.  If you feel you have any doubt about riding off road we will be pleased to offer you a special price for a 1 day trial where we take you out to see how you get on with it.  


In the unlikely event you felt you do not want to continue with your Dual Terrain tour we will change your schedule into a road version of the same tour meaning you will be on a parallel tour with the rest of the group but still meeting at the same locations each evening so you still ride Thailand! 


If you wish to make a booking for a warm up or Trial ride it would mean you would need to add one extra day onto the main tour you have booked. 


In all cases we will discuss every aspect of our training tours before you make the booking.


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Motorbike Thailand

Operating since 1999 Motorbike Thailand have the experience and back up support to create some of the best motorbike tours available in Thailand.  You can choose a scheduled tour straight from our website or we can tailor one to suit your exacting needs and you can even choose a multi country tour into neighbouring Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam or even Thailand to India!


You can choose to join in with an existing group or we can arrange a private tour for individuals and small groups.

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