The Mae Hong Son Loop in North West Thailand is rated as one of the best motorcycle roads in the world, a fantastic loop of hairpins, and switchbacks making for a awesome roller coaster of a ride and no amount of words or photographs will open you up to the awe of this road until you ride it for yourself.


Many countries have a great stretch of road famous among bikers, Colorado in the US has it's fair share riding through beautiful scenery in the Colorado Rockies, the Cortez to Mesa Verde National Park is another great stretch however, one thing stands out from the Mae Hong Son Loop that will challenge any of the better known top biking roads in the world, the sheer distance you are able to ride where the action is continuous;  here's some awe inspiring juicy bits...


You may have heard about the 1863 bends on the Mae Hong Son loop in just 210 kilometers?  That ride gets you part way around the small loop but you need get back.  Returning to Chiang Mai you have to continue onwards from mae Hong Son and the twists, switchbacks and hairpins just keep on coming at you.


If the short loop from Chiang Mai returning to Chiang Mai is not enough for you, maybe try out the bigger loop?  Again its continuous corkscrew ride doesn't falter!


Riding the short loop you need 3 days for a comfortable trip, the big loop allow 4-6 days!


Whats the scenery like?  Throughout the entire trip you will be riding through many elevations within the most forested province in Thailand in the Shan Appalachians part of the Himalaya sub region. The mountains aren't the highest in the world in fact compared to many countries they could be classed as just rolling hills but they are not to be sniffed at.  The highest mountain reaches 2565 meters (8464 feet) and for most of the journey the yo yo elevation affect will be between 90 mters and 2565 meters.


We have taken hardened motorcycle travelers on this trip and every one in sheer awe of the ride.  For us the Mae Hong Son loop is the basis of our Off Road Tours where our customers not only revel in the perfection of this road but a quick dash off the blacktop brings us into a new dimension of Jungle trail riding. 


In our opinion wherever the Mae Hong Son Loop stands in the rankings it should be up there at the top but don't take our word for it!  Give it a blast for yourself! and we can arrange tours on this loop to suit your budget and schedule. Contact Us to make the arrangements

Motorbike Thailand

Operating since 1999 Motorbike Thailand have the experience and back up support to create some of the best motorbike tours available in Thailand.  You can choose a scheduled tour straight from our website or we can tailor one to suit your exacting needs and you can even choose a multi country tour into neighbouring Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam or even Thailand to India!


You can choose to join in with an existing group or we can arrange a private tour for individuals and small groups.

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