The tourism industry can be a double edge sword and able to either make or break a local community in terms of ecology, financial, human and animal rights issues. because of this we ensure to avoid many places that prey on unsuspecting tourists and act in a responsible manner as any tourism business should.


Traveling to a remote region in a remote corner of the world to see and do things you would never normally have the opportunity to do is at the top of most travelers lists however,  it's also very important we all understand the often damaging affects tourism can have on the local communities but getting the knowledge of what you should and shouldn't do is not always easy so the ultimate responsibility should be with your tour company to ensure your tour has a positive affect on the local community. 


Animal/Human Rights Issues


Motorbike Thailand tour groups do not benefit certain 'Tourist spots'  known to have human and animal rights issues.  This can be tourists attractions that ask an entrance fee to view Humans or animals purely for the tourist income without a clear and transparent motive for welfare.  This includes tourists attractions used as a front for illegal trafficking (such as many of the worlds unscrupulous zoos).  Motorbike Thailand also avoid tourist spots that we know or believe to have unscrupulous motives for income generated by tourism.


Note; In 2003 we were asked in no uncertain times to remove any actual references to specific places from our website by a higher authority. This was referring to the "View Humans" reference in the above sentence which we are no longer allowed to discuss but involves a certain Tribal group on the edge of the Thailand/Burma border.     


You can be rest assured our team will ensure you have a positive affect on the people, any animals you see and places you visit when you are with us in Northern Thailand. 

Motorbike Thailand

Operating since 1999 Motorbike Thailand have the experience and back up support to create some of the best motorbike tours available in Thailand.  You can choose a scheduled tour straight from our website or we can tailor one to suit your exacting needs and you can even choose a multi country tour into neighbouring Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam or even Thailand to India!


You can choose to join in with an existing group or we can arrange a private tour for individuals and small groups.

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