One of the common complaints from experienced riders who have ridden a motorbike tour with other companies previously was riding in a large  group of mixed abilities.  Big bike groups with various ability riders often incur regular stops for slower riders to catch up so therefore not covering as much ground as you were hoping.


We ourselves have toured with other motorbike tour groups for our own pleasure in many countries around the world with group sizes of 8, 12 and even 18 riders in the group and this to us is blatant 'cashing in' from the tour company just to make a quick buck without any care for the pleasure of the customer.


Small motorcycle tour group sizesAfter our past experience of riding with other motorbike tour companies one of our goals when setting up Motorbike Thailand was to offer professional tours geared towards maximum pleasure rather than just the end profit, and because of this philosophy we have an outstanding customer return rate with many of our customers recommended by past tour members and one reason was due to our small group sizes.


If you join in with a group on our dirt bike tours the maximum group size will usually be around 6 riders plus our support team our average group size over the season will be usually around 4 riders.   For road tours 8 riders would be our optimum size and we try not to exceed that amount.  On average our road tours are usually around 5 riders.  If you are booking with a group of friends can take within reason as many as you can bring and should they be of mixed ability you already knew that anyway but we can make your tour run smoothly with our extended support team.


We are delighted to offer you some of the most professionally organised motorbike tours in Thailand aimed at maximum pleasure with a high customer service attitude.

Motorbike Thailand

Operating since 1999 Motorbike Thailand have the experience and back up support to create some of the best motorbike tours available in Thailand.  You can choose a scheduled tour straight from our website or we can tailor one to suit your exacting needs and you can even choose a multi country tour into neighbouring Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam or even Thailand to India!


You can choose to join in with an existing group or we can arrange a private tour for individuals and small groups.

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