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About Motorbike Thailand
Our History - Our Tour Philosophy

For Two Decades We've Introduced 1000's To Riding In Thailand

Enduro Tours Since
1999 & Still Leading The Way

Started in September 1999 Motorbike Thailand then offered one simple motorcycle tour, a short five day Dual Terrain motorcycle tour visiting remote hill tribe villages close to the Burma Border.

Today we are one of the longest established Motorbike Tour Companies in Thailand offering many unique road and off road touring packages with our enduro tours ebbing towards the more adventurous side.  We have a philosophy of total immersion into Northern Thai culture combined with a relaxed friendly approach more akin to riding with your motorcycle club rather than an organized tour group

Why Choose us

In 20 years we've made mistakes but learned how to operate adventurous motorbike holidays that are safe and more fun than you can shake a stick at.  We do it right from the start!

Great Bikes

Our own bikes (not rented) upgraded from stock to suit the often brutal terrain - well maintained and over serviced!

Brilliant Support Team

Working with us for 17 years and personal friends for 21 years - Our guys are legendary and the nicest guys you could meet.

Proper Enduro Tours

Dirt bike tours how they should be:  Wild jungles - hardly any people - no restrictions - pure nature and a sense of pioneering travel!

Great Accommodations

No boring international concrete hotels with us, instead family run local boutique resorts and lodges that suits this type of touring and benefitting the local community in the process.

Responsible Travel

We believe it's the tour companies responsibility to not visit manufactured tourist spots connected to human rights and animal abuse so won't visit certain local hot spots.  We wish other tour companies would consider this also but sadly not many do!

Customer Care

A lifetime of working in the service & travel industry and we know a thing or two on how to do it right. Starting from the moment you contact us you'll notice the professional way we deal with your request and we follow this through to the end of your trip.  Test us out now

Two Decades Of Travelling - Exploring - Connecting


Peace of Mind

We've spent more than two decades travelling, exploring and connecting motorcycle riders to Thailand and South East Asia. Our experience, knowledge and understanding of the local culture, language, jungle trails and destinations is second to none.  We are committed to making your motorbike tour in Thailand not just a good one but an exciting, fun filled, incredible adventure you'll brag about for years to come.


Safety is of paramount importance to us and we've an enviable record of finishing a tour with the same numbers we started with!  Our decades of experience with literally 1000's of customers has taught us the fine line between exceptional dirt biking and something wildly dangerous.


We run a quality over quantity business, we'lll never accept a booking if we didn't feel the tour will suit you.  We'll never book you into a group of mixed ability and never accept a booking for a period when local conditions do not suit dirt bike touring!

True Adventure Biking

A phrase commonly flaunted by travel companies but in our case certainly true to it's word, we really will get you off the beaten track and into regions with little or no tourist infrastructure as that's where the best riding is! We don't class ourselves as a "Tourist Tour Company", we won't take you to lame tourist traps but you will experience the best of rural Thailand, unspoilt by the tourist dollar.  The clue to what we do best is in our name - 'Motorbike Thailand' - It's all about the motorbiking in Thailand!

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For Experienced Dirt Bikers

Burma Border Dirt Bike Tour Thailand

Designed For Experience Riders - Bragging rights for many years!

For Experienced Enduro Riders

Ultimate Enduro Thailand

The full Monty - The tour to end all tours!

A relaxed Dirt Bike Tour

Chilled Jungle Motorcycle Tour Thailand

For intermediate dirt riders or road riders with little or no dirt bike experience.

Dirt Tour For Street Riders

Dirt Bike Experience

For Street Riders New to Dirt Biking