Motorbike Touring Thailand - Since 1999

Started in September 1999 Motorbike Thailand then offered one simple motorcycle tour a short five day Dual Terrain motorcycle tour visiting remote hill tribe villages close to the Burma Border.


Today we are one of the longest established Motorbike Tour Companies in Thailand offering many unique road and off road touring packages as well as Adventure riding tours for people with little or no off road experience.  All our tours ebb toward the adventurous side.  We have a philosophy of total immersion into Northern Thai culture combined with a relaxed friendly approach more akin to riding with your motorcycle club rather than an organized tour group.


Quality, Endorsements

Our conviction to offer motorcycle touring on some of the best routes in South East Asia and into off the beaten track locations has stayed with us throughout our history and our customer repeat ratio is one of the highest in the business.  Almost 40% of tour members are either past customers or direct referrals from past tour riders - A tremendous endorsement of the quality of our tours and service.



Though Motorcycle riding is the passion of our team the journey and the location is top priority using the motorcycle as the perfect tool for the journey rather than the be and end all of the trip.  Where we travel is why our team enjoy every ride and why we have such a strong repeat customer ratio. We are constantly searching for new adventures and finding ways to improve established routes into hidden corners of Northern Thailand and we work hard at ensuring we help the true local economy.



Safety is of paramount importance to us and (hopefully) you. Our decades of experience with literally 1000's of customers has taught us the fine line in offering an exceptional adventure motorbike holiday and something that is simply put...Wildly dangerous.  We have 1000's of kilometers of dirt bike routes but some we do not use, we tried them out and deemed them too dangerous to ride, one false move and you could be in serious danger.  The routes we use will certainly test your skills, you will travel good distances each day and you may need assistance here and there but we won't put you into serious danger. 


Our road tours are designed to get you onto the best roads in Thailand which is not difficult to do but, we choose the roads that are least travelled hence less other road users.


Adventure Tourism

This is a phrase commonly flaunted by travel companies and in our case it is certainly true to it's word.  Especially our Dirt bike tours meaning we really will get you off the beaten track and into places with little or no tourist infrastructure but each route we select are carefully balanced to suit each individual group.  We cannot be classed as a "tourist tour company" meaning you wont find yourself with a tacky name badges and you wont be herded around like lost sheep to mundane tourist hot spots when quite honestly you could do this yourself without us!


We are delighted to share our journeys with you, and confident we have something that appeals to your adventure riding spirit. Please feel free to Contact Our Team in Thailand for more information and we look forward to welcoming you soon for and Adventure motorcycle ride of your life in Thailand!

Our Motorbike Tours

8 Day Enduro Dirt Bike Tour of the best riding South East Asia can offer!
7 Day Enduro Dirt Bike Tour for street riders to learn off road biking techniques.
8 Day Dual Sport Motorcycle Tour. The best of both worlds - On Road & Off Road! 
4 Day Enduro Dirt Bike Tour on fantastic Jungle trails in the far North West Of Thailand... 
2 Day Dirt Bike Tour that can be tailored to your Schedule - Budget and Riding Experience!
9 Day Guided Adventure Motorcycle Tour to the Golden Triangle bordering Burma & Laos! 
3 Days of outstanding road touring on the Famous Mae Hong Son Loop.  Unbeatable!
2 Day Motorbike tour on the Mae Hong Son loop to Pai in the stunning Shan Mountains!
2 Days Dual Sport Motorbike Tour - Choose the standard trip or tailor it to your needs.
4 day Dual Sport Motorbike Tour.  Best roads with stunning off road wilderness riding.
How do you want your Dual Sport Motorbike Tour?  Tell us and we'll arrange it for you!   
Guided Motorcycle Road Tours.  Tell us how you want it and leave the rest to us!