Motorbike Tour Accommodation

After a great days dirt bike riding or on road sports bike tours we have selected great accommodation unique to the area.  We try to avoid international hotels when possible as we would rather benefit the local community.   


All the accommodation we use vary from small hotels, mountain top lodges and boutique resorts all owned and operated by local people who after over 20 years of us operating motorcycle tours in Thailand these people we now regard as friends rather than business acquantances.


Our motorcycle tour routes are not fixed as each trip the route is often altered slightly to suit local conditions and your riding ability but most importantely when new accommodation opens up or some of our longer established hotels become a little 'run down' so we add new accommodation on a regular basis.  With over 40 hotels we regularly use it's not possible to list every one.


Below is a brief run down of the hotel quality depending on the type of motorbike tour you choose and don't forget, you can ask us for accommodation that suits your needs or budget when booking your ride.




Off Road Dirt Bike Tours


Our enduro motorbike tours operate in remote locations often a long way from major cities and towns.  Each night we stay in rural locations which can be in the middle of no where, small hilltribe villages and very small towns and now and then in larger towns but the accommodation is great. 


Don't expect bell hops collecting your luggage or a concierge service but what you will experience is delightful locally owned lodges or resorts, very clean, very comfortable and with all amenities.  One of the anxieties some people have about booking our off road motorbike tours is staying in grotty digs and some even thought they would be sleeping in mud huts and this is far from the truth. 


Accommodation is selected by us that are close to the off road trails each day and some are actually on the dirt trails and always nice quality (some may call "rustic") always clean and comfortable and have all amenities including beer (most important), hot showers to wash the dust and dirt from your body and all have towels, soaps, shampoos but most of all totally unique to the area. 


We also balance the accommodation quality.  When you have an evening in a more basic, "Rustic" lodge the following day you will have a place a little more upmarket and modern.  All in all we rarely get complaints about accommodation.   


Check out our Dirt Bike Tours and come to Thailand for the experience of a lifetime  or click here to get up to date tour availability





Guided Sports Bike Touring 



On our guided sports bike motorcycle tours we have a lot more accommodation available to us than on our dirt bike tours but our style of touring is more off the beaten path however, all accommodation is great.  On the longer tours such as our Golden Triangle tour  accommodation will vary depending on how remote each days riding is. 


You can find yourself staying in small quant cottages high on a mountain top with stunning views from your window, in family run resorts in small towns and larger hotels in the main cities,  all good quality, clean comfortable and unique to the region.


When we stay in the more remote locations such as the stunning area of Phu Chi Fah (Golden Triangle Tour) the accommodation is more basic and this is due to it's remote locations and low tourist numbers but all rooms are clean comfortbale and worth the stay if only for the unbeatable location and scenery.  Evenings there are quiet and we often have to make our own entertainment drinking and eating in nearby restaurants perched on the edge of the mountain side.


When we stay in smaller towns and villages because of the lack of larger hotels we use family owned guest houses or resorts all accommodation is selected by what we feel offers the best all round experience for you.  Any place that has a particular hot spot to visit we will choose accommodation near to it. A place that has outstanding views this is where we will put you. 

Again, where we stay depends on the tour you choose to ride with us and don't forget every tour can be tailored to your needs so if you want budget accommodation or 5 star luxury we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  See all our Guided Motorbike Tours or   click here to get up to date tour availability




Dual Sport Motorbike Tours


Dual Sport Tours  Offer the perfect balance between riding on perfect motorcycle roads to off road dirt biking in the jungles of Thailand.  Because we hit road and dirt throughout the tour you experience a wider style of accommodation than the dirt bike tours or the Sports bike tours.


As with all our tours because we often cover a great deal of distance we stay in rural and more built up locations where accommodation standards vary.  If you choose a tour that stops in the small mountain town of Pai we have a massive amount of accommodation to choose from and we choose usually small bungalow style resorts right in the main town so all the nightlife is right on your door. Check out Pai Town here


Almost all our Dual sport tours stay at least one night in a very rural location 1300 meters above sea level, surrounded by forests and inhabited by the Karen Hill Tribe people.  It is remote and only recently has electricity so you would expect it to be basic and it is but it's clean, comfortable, hot showers, and usually a BBQ meal under the stars before one of the most comfortable beds you have slept in.  Despite it's the most basic of all our accommodation it's regarded as the most memorable place due to it's scenery and the freindliness of the hosts.


As with all our tours you can upgrade or even downgrade your accommodation prior to booking but in all honesty after just 2 nights with us in our standard locations most people say they would not have upgraded as most are surprised by the standard we have selected.

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