Book a motorbike tour with a group and get special group rates.All tour prices are listed on the Motorbike tour pages but here's some info on how to get special rates.

Most of our tours are booked by groups from motorbike clubs affiliated with us around the world and we offer great group booking rates and in most cases special dates to suit the groups schedule.  If you are booking without a group we can usually get you onto a tour and often with a group rate. 


Group Rates

Prices for our Thailand motorbike tours are listed on each tour page but the prices shown are if you are booking alone.  To get group rates -  Book with 4 or more riders then nominate one person as tour leader to deal directly with us and you'll get our special group rates.


Booking Alone

We try to accommodate individuals booking alone as best we can but like most Motorbike Tour companies it's not possible to take just one person on a tour without charging a subsidy so here's how to get onto a tour without paying a subsidy and even getting a group rate.


Contact us as soon as possible and tell us when you can tour, sadly many people contact us too late to help them.  If we have a group already booked and you are of the same riding ability providing the group were eligible for group rates you will get the same rate as they did.


In all cases contact us as soon as possible.  Click here to contact us or check Availability


Our Motorbike Tours

8 Day Enduro Dirt Bike Tour of the best riding South East Asia can offer!
7 Day Enduro Dirt Bike Tour for street riders to learn off road biking techniques.
4 Day Enduro Dirt Bike Tour on fantastic Jungle trails in the far North West Of Thailand...