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Dual Terrain Adventure

Based on our Chilled Jungle motorcycle Tour but with a few alterations - For this tour we've swapped out our dirt bikes for 500 or 650cc Adventure bikes concentrating on the famous Mae Hong Son Loop an epic motorcycle road regarded as one of the best rides in south East Asia - Veering off the main road we'll also be riding the incredible logging trails skirting the edge of the Burmese/Myanmar border.

Still keeping with our phylospohy of back to nature organic motorcycle touring you'll stay in remote locations high in the Shan appalachian mountain range and we've included a night and a day off in the town of Pai for some R&R.

Looking for adventure with a more laid back approach and more road riding? This is the tour to choose!

The Bikes

This tour concentrates on the incredible Mae Hong Son loop and the awesome mountain back roads on bikes more suited to this terrain.

The routes on this trip do not suit sports bikes so we've chosen the Honda CB500 or Kawasaki Versys 650 (others available) which are perfectly weighted for this type of terrain.

The Ride

Approximately 1200 kilometers on some of the best roads in South East Asia - You'll be riding the famous Mae Hong Son Loop an incredible mountain road snaking it's way through the lush jungles in the mountainous region of Mae Hong Son North West Thailand.

We'll be veering off the Mae Hong Son Loop a few times taking the old logging routes close to the Burmese Border through hill tribe villages and stunning scenery.

Off The Bikes

Mae Hong Son province has relatively low tourism offering the rare luxury to explore much of the region undisturbed by mainstream tourists. 

You will stay in unique locations in picturesque comfortable boutique resorts and we've included a full day off the bikes staying in a higher end resort with the option to explore the city and region on bikes or just relax by the outdoor pool utilising the resorts facilities and enjoying the stunning landscape.

Our Style

Our style of motorcycle tours avoid mainstream tourism as much as possible, we don't take you to tourist traps man made for the tourist dollar - Instead our Motorcycle tours concentrate on the natural aspects of the region, the stunning scenery and the locals hill tribe who inhabit the region.

This adventure motorbike holiday would suit groups who put the ride as their top priority over visiting tourist traps - You'll experience outstanding riding in one of the most picturesque regions in Thailand - This bike tour is only suited to experienced riders able to handle a bike in all situations with ease as the routes are classed as technical and not suited to inexperienced riders.

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