'Untouched Thailand' Adventure Motorcycle Tour

Motorcycle Tour To New Regions Just Opening Up With Incredible Scenery - Diverse Cultures 

Ride The Road To Umphang

One of the least accessed regions in Thailand - Are You Ready For This?

The Edge Of Thailand 

Ride Directly Along The Burma Border - Throughout The Trip!

A Different Style Of Tour

From The Guys Who Do Things Reassuringly Different! 


1900 km +/-

1900 km +/-


8 Days Riding

Incredible 10 Day Motorbike Tour Package

In our view, one of the greatest motorcycle tours in Thailand a true adventure.  If you like riding off the beaten track where regular tourists rarely venture on fantastic roads throughout the entire trip. This is a full immersion into ethnic Thai cultures un-tainted by western influence. 

The first few days of this motorcycle trip is the same as our Wild West Tour on and off the Mae Hong Son Loop famous for it's 1000's of twists and bends but then we ramp it up a little and head into one of Thailand's least visited regions a crazy road of 1209 hairpin bends to the wild west town of Umphang.  Rarely visited even by Thai's as road in and out is a corkscrew of a trip, not good sat in a car or bus but incredible on a motorcycle.  Due to it's accessibility Umphang is virtually untouched with stunning forests, lots of wildlife and also Thailand's biggest waterfall. 

Your motorcycle trip will take you to astonishing and beautiful places, delightful resorts, fantastic scenery, eye opening refugee camps along the burma border and on roads that surprise everyone who ride them.

This tour includes time off the bike with 2 half days into the trip to experience crossing the river into Burma or just lazing in a hammock by the pool, with a Thai massage for pure relaxation. 

Be the only tourist on the road and experience the real rural Thailand with an adventure motorcycle.

Whats Included

  • Bikes
  • Fuel/ Oil
  • Lead Rider
  • Tail Rider
  • Tour Mechanic
  • Spare bike
  • Support truck
  • 9 Nights Accommodation
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Soft Drinks & Snacks (daytime)
  • Airport collection
  • National park Entry fees


The Moei River Ride

Hill Tribe Lodge Evening

Luxury Resort stay

Burma Border Visit

Chinese Village Burma Border

Multiple Refugee Camps

Burmese border school

River Lodge Resort

Orange grove route

Thailands biggest waterfall 

If you're looking for a tour in the middle of nowhere on great routes check out these boys. Covered 1900 kilometers and hardly ever saw another vehicle.  On the first day we doubled the amount of hairpins we've ever done in our life. The roads were awesome, the scenery spectacular, the evenings were great (sometimes surprising) , the food and the management of the trip was perfect.

Our View

This motorbike tour is an incredible ride. The total trip is in the region of 1900 kilometers which doesn't seem too excessive over an 8 day ride but you need to appreciate the never ending twists and bends hence we've included 2 half days into the trip for some well deserved R&R balancing the trip to be high adventure without too much fatigue.

Many tour companies do not operate into some of these regions as the riding can be a little too twisty and technical for some who never fully expect the amount of tight twists involved.  As a 'niche' road tour operator technical riding is our style so if  the twists and bends are not your thing you may want to think twice but for lovers of twisties this will be the ride of your life.

Lisu hill tribe girl
  • Many Options

Mountain Road Thailand
  • Package: 5D-4N

Northern Thailand Mountains
  • Package: 8D-7N

Chinese Village Northern Thailand
  • Package: 10D-9N