Our Most Flexible Motorcycle Tour

8 Days Of Adventure - Learning - Improving & Becoming a Better Rider

Totally Flexible

Altered On the Fly To Suit Everyones Ability!

Pump It Up

We Can Add Some The More Serious Off Road Trails If You Want!

Worried You Won't Cope?

If Even The Easy Trails Don't Work For You We Switch It Back To Road!

A Good Experience



iro 1000km

iro 1000km

Mae Hong Son

8D - 7N

6 days riding

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Adaptable - Flexible - Suits Almost Everyone.

This motorbike tour is adpatable to suit almost every riders ability and the level of adventure they seek.  In all situations our team will always be in front and behind you offering tips and techniques on riding certain situations. In all cases you MUST be able to ride a motorbike with gears and clutch and hold a motorcycle licence.  Below is an idea of just how flexible this tour is...

Good Riders - High Adventure Seekers
If your'e an experienced rider able to handle a bike with ease in most situations on or off road but feel our bigger enduro tours would be too much - Choose this tour.  We can adapt it on the fly to suit your ability and we can tackle the more adventurous terrain as we progress. 

Sunday Bikers - Not Overly Skilled Never Been On Dirt.
The beauty of our dual terrain motorcycle tours is they're fundamentally road based but on a dirt bikes with dual terrain tyres, we slowly progress onto dirt crossing between both terrains but the dirt will only be suited to your ability. If you find dirt is not for you we can switch the tour to 100% road.

Pictures below show the more advanced riders.

A Full Immersion Into Rural Thailand

Tour Info

  • Bikes:Honda CRF/Kawasaki KLX
  • CC:250/300 Modified
  • Rooms: Good
  • Terrain:Road & Jungle Trails
  • Rivers:Depending on ability
  • Difficulty:Mid
  • Dirt:50% more or less


  • Stay in Hiltibe Village
  • Visit "Little Yunnan"
  • Ride the Burmese Border
  • Lots of hill tribe villages
  • Stunning scenery

Whats Included

  • Bikes
  • Fuel/ Oil
  • Lead Rider
  • Tail Rider
  • Tour Mechanic
  • Spare bike
  • Support truck
  • 7 Nights Accommodation
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Soft Drinks & Snacks (daytime)
  • Airport collection
  • National park Entry fees

Our View...

We get great satisfaction from seeing riders who initially joined up as a newbie to dirt progress and improve their motorcycle skills over the 6 days ride and become more confident riders in the process.

Providing you are not a novice bike rider we can run this tour for every level of rider with or without dirt experience from intermediate up to advanced road riders.

Off road riding is not all about motorcycle ability more about your personal mindset.  You must be a confident person willing to break through any percieved mental barriers.  Do that and you can then take your riding to a more advanced level.

Join us and take your riding to the next level.   

Start Your Motorcycle Adventure

Our Team will be delighted to offer our indepth knowledge