1 in 4 Motorbikes Ridden by Women!


We operate one of the busiest Motorbike tour companies in Thailand but over the last 20 years we've only had five women riding with us but hopefully that will change.  When there's a women rider with us it changes the balance of the predominantly male tour group but most importantly she will almost certainly be a good rider,  a women confident enough to join a bunch of lads on a dirt bike tour or road tour must be confident with their riding ability.

With the statistics now pointing at one in four riders being women maybe we will see more mixed tour groups in the future?  We hope so, but if you are a women and a keen biker we would love to hear from you and please contact us if you fancy joining one of our motorbike tour groups in Thailand.  Or, maybe you are just looking to get into motorcycling and if so we have found a great website dedicated to Women Riders and has lots of interesting articles  for beginner riders and experienced women riders, pop over and browse their site.


We will be delighted to share our Experience and advise with you