Lets get dirty


Everyone should ride a dirt bike

In our view everyone should learn to ride a dirt bike before you even learn to ride a road bike.  It's not that scary, you will have greater confidence on any bike and you'll become a better rider.  Here's our 5 reasons you should ride a dirt bike...

#1. Your road riding skills will improve!

Most of the worlds best MotoGP riders started on dirt bikes!  Dirt biking teaches you many new riding techniques that can be transferred onto the road.  Riding on sand, wet clay, rocks, and gnarly trails on a forest trails will not only increase your awareness of the surroundings but you will learn the feel of the bike better and vastly improve the control you have and these new skills will transfer onto the street.  When was the last time you seized up going around a bend and heading into a patch of sand or gravel?  Once you get into dirt riding those moments when your arse starts snapping at the seat will become less scary and much easier to deal with as you will be experienced in dealing with moments of less traction or your back wheel slipping out from under you.


We made this the #1 reason why road riders should also ride dirt bikes as who wouldn't want to improve their riding skills?  Motorcycle riding is a dangerous hobby and we all know that.  Getting more skills is a no brainer but talking about "Dangerous" that leads us onto our #2 Reason why you should get onto the dirt.


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