Lets learn to pull a wheelie..

When you see a motorcycle rider pulling a wheelie you may think he's showing off well of course he is, it's how us riders get the chicks don't you know.  Actually pulling a wheelie on a motorcycle has many benefits especially for dirt riders, dumping the clutch and going mono gets you over hazards and obstacles on the trail but before you dump that clutch and pop one up it's not as easy as you think especially if you don't know what your doing. Here's how it's done...

By the way the photo above is Nod our youngest support rider, he's only 23 years old and we've known him since he was competing in junior MotoX when he was just 5 years old.  The kid can ride, totally natural and usually at the back of the pack taking care of everyone.  He's often seen on the back wheel throughout the day on our enduro tours, he's a totally natural rider with a cool head and nothing to prove. We like Nod, Nod's good.

Back to the learning how to pull a wheelie... Tyler over at MX factory is the wheelie king, nobody can show you better than him take a look at the video like and subscribe to their channel, they have loads of videos and dirt biking tips and tricks.

MX Factory


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