Learn to ride a dirt bike

In our view every motorcycle rider should learn to ride a dirt bike, actually if you're just getting into bikes, forget buying that R6 or V-Strom start off an a light 250cc dual sport bike forget riding roads, get straight out on the dirt.  Most MotoGP riders are ex dirt riders and there's a good reason for that.  Learn dirt bike riding and eventually move it up a notch to more technical terrain even joina MotoX club and get out on the track.

Learning dirt before you ride ride will make you a better road rider having far more techniques available to you take a look at another of our blog posts about this.
In our 20 years operating motorbike tours we have taken many road riders who never ventured previously onto dirt and also MotoX riders who've never ridden roads before and the difference between the two is startling.  It's much easier to cross over from dirt to road than the other way around but you need to get started...

We love the MX Factory a youtube channel run by great riders offering dirt biking tips tips from the absolute basics right up to competition riding and they're great fun doing it..  Check out their  video and please pop over to their chanel and subscribe.  Enjoy your dirt biking


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