Downhill Riding Technique

It's no surprise many riders when presented with a steep downhill rutted section they seize up and place a murder grip on the bars but it really shouldn't be that scary.

A light dirt bike such as the Kawasaki 250's we operate offer the rider an easier go at this but on a heavier adventure bike like the GS1200 there's a lot more physics involved but the biggest obstacle you need to overcome is the toughest of all. Get to grips with your own mind, overcome the fear and you'll find it's actually very easy.  Keep this in your head when next faced with a tricky downhill section....Hold on loosely, don't let go. If you cling too tight, you'll lose control.    

Our friends over at Mototech have a sweet little video vvery well produced offering tips and techniques on riding downhill on a big adventure bike. It's very informative, actually filmed on a trail on a BMW R1200GS and explained far better than we possibly could. 

We recommend riders of big adventure bikes to pop over and like their facebook page for regular video blogs on riding these motorcycles.  Enjoy, and next time you're faced with a downhill section just chill out, it's all good clean fun.  


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