Learn Slow Riding on a motorcycle

Anyone can ride a motorcycle fast, pure physics will prove if you jump off a bike at speed the bike will carry on in a straight line fine without you sat on on it, its at low speeds or stopped when the bike needs help from you and physics will prove that by falling over.  Learning how to ride a bike at slow speed will vastly improve your skillset by teaching you how the bike will react in various situations and how to overcome issues and eventually becoming one with the bike in a sort of man and machine in perfect harmony kinda way....   

They say you can tell a good rider within seconds of someone getting on the motorbike and pulling off. Trailing their feet until they need to change gear, looking stiff as if they're bolted to the seat and our own personal pet hate, dragging thee feet expecting the feet to slow them down 100 meters before they come to a stop. If you do any of that, please stop, stop it now!

So, what can learning to slow ride do to help your riding skills? Ever seen a skilled cyclist stopped dead at traffic lights but balancing the bike with both feet on the pedals?  This is what you need to learn but with an engine to help you...

  1. It'll teach you the bite area of the clutch.
  2. You'll learn back braking and how it can be a balancing aid
  3. You will learn front braking and how much to use.
  4. Learn body Balancing and counter balancing 

Slow motorcycle riding is useful for all styles of motorbike - street bikes, choppers, adventure bikes, scooters and dirt bikes. On our dirt bike tours slow riding is essential especially on tricky single track trails where you need to manoeuvre the bike at slow speed while keeping your feet firmly on the pegs.  On our training tours slow riding is usually the first thing we teach especially to newbie motorcycle riders before we take them onto the dirt.

If you would like to learn how to ride a dirt bike we will offer great options to do it in the sun in Thailand and if you own a bike we strongly suggest you learn to slow ride, it will take lots of practice, do it everyday for 30 minutes at a time and eventually you'll be slow riding like a pro.

Below we have posted a video tutorial from 'Fast Eddie" over at MotoJitsu.  He explains in great detail on the slow riding techniques to learn.  Have fun and enjoy.


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