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We are currently out of season and for your enjoyment we don't run motorbike tours when the local conditions are not suitable for motorcycle tours.

Northern Thailand has a different weather cycle than Southern Thailand.

March April: Very smokey and hazy due to forest fires and agriculture burn off around South East Asia.  Temperatures 40°C + (+104 °F). Trails very dusty.

May- June: ok for touring but expect sporadic showers usually mid afternoon. Off road suitable for fit and experienced riders.  Some trails can be cut of from falling trees, light flooding.

July - September:  Heavy monsoon season.  hazardous conditions off road due to landslides and falling trees, most trails inaccessible.

October to February: Perfect for biking.  October - early November ground moisture in the jungles making interesting/exciting riding.  Chance of rain extremely low. Dust minimal.  Visibility excellent. Daytime temperatures around 26°C (78°F) dropping to single digits on mountain tops at night.    

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2 men lifting a motorcycle over a fallen tree in Thailand
Ultimate Enduro9 Days
25th Oct - 2nd Nov

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