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Designed For Your Group

We'll help you plan and design a motorcycle tour in Thailand exactly how you would like it to operate by customising it to your group - Pricing is usually pro rata our packaged tours - Go wild, tell us what you are looking for and we'll put something together for you.


For off road motorcycle tours and dual terrain the North West Of Thailand is the only region we would recommend depending on the duration - Optimum time to really enjoy this area is 5-7 days. 

If you want a motorbike road tour put together choose the North West for tight twisties or the far North towards the golden triangle.

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Depending on the terrain you wish to ride we can offer you dedicated dirt bikes - Sports bikes or Adventure motorbikes - We can even create one tour using various bikes - Ride off road on the dirt bikes then some road on Road bikes?

Nothing is out of the question - Contact us to discuss all the options


For dedicated off road riding upper end accommodation is very limited with very few exceptions though we can alter the routes to include  luxury accommodation on one or 2 nights but that may affect the trails we ride.

If you choose road or adventure riding we have a few more options open to us to plan your accommodation to your budget/needs.

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Private Tours

We can make any of our tours private so if you were looking to travel as a couple or even an individual we can arrange this for you 

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Give us as much info as possible such as your riding ability any alterations you wanted to make on a tour.

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