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Motorbike Touring Thailand - Most Common Questions Asked (10)

Before you book a motorbike tour in Thailand you probably have a few questions.  The best way to get information is to contact us but below are the most common questions we are asked.

Where do I need to get to?

All our Thailand motorbike tours begin and end in Chiang Mai City regarded as the 'Motorcycle capital of South East Asia'.  Most people flying international to Thailand arrive in Bangkok and from there it's a short 1 hour flight to Chiang Mai.


There are 100's of flights per day from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and as the airport is expanding some flights are now going direct to Chiang Mai from outside of Thailand.  When searching for flights unless you want a few days to relax (or party) in Bangkok your destination airport will be CNX or Chiang Mai just 15 minutes from the city.  Airport transfer details will be discussed before you arrive.

What else will I need to pay for on top of the tour price?

Each motorbike tour varies as to what we include but each tour page lists what is included but in all cases we do not cover flights, travel insurance and personal expenditure not related to the tour. 

Can I Book A Tour Last Minute?

Of course you can book a tour at the last minute but we are a very busy company especially in peak season as tours book up fast and we rarely offer last minute discounts in fact we are more likely to offer incentives to early bookings.  If you try to book a motorcycle tour last minute we will do our best to get you onto a tour and into a group already booked.  If we do get you into another group we always endeavour to place you into a group of riders of the same ability. 

Tell me about riding gear and luggage?

On our motorbike tours with a support vehicle we ask that if you are travelling with big bags to bring a smaller bag for use on the tour to carry your clothes and essential items, especially if you are in a big group.  This saves space in our truck which also needs to carry motorcycle spares and tool kits etc and also stops our support driver complaining of a bad back (hehhehe).  Any items that you do not need to take riding with you can be left with us for your return.

We have riding gear available if needed but it is subject to availability.  Boots and helmets are always a problem due to so many different sizes so will will need at least that. Most people prefer to bring all their own gear as it's more comfortable - For dirt bike and Dual Sport Tours: you will need at least boots, arm/ knee pads, upper body protection, full face hemet and gloves.  For road tours: Riding boots, pants & Jacket with suitable inner protection, helmet and gloves.


Safety is paramount on our tours!  We are a professional motorbike tour company and you will not be riding with us unless you are suitable protected.  Everything can be bought in Chiang Mai when you arrive but you will need to have one full day before you ride to get this sorted.

Do I need A Visa For Thailand?

Probably not!  Most countries get a 30 day visa exempt on arrival at the airport.  If you are planning to stay in Thailand more than that you may need to get a tourist visa before you arrive.  Any questions regards Visa Contact Our Team

Im a novice rider can I come on your tours?

All riders joining our Motorbike tours must be at least Intermediate level and held a motorcycle licence for at least 3 years and regularly rides.  You may have seen us mention the words "Newbie" or "Novice" on some of the tour pages but this is for Dual sport or Dirt Bike Tours for experienced road riders who have little or no experience on dirt.  Everyone must be able to handle at least a road bike with ease, please do not come if you are not and experienced rider.   

When Is The Best Time To Ride Motorbikes In Thailand?

The absolute best time to ride motorbikes in Northern Thailand is Mid October through February, this is our peak season and offers cool temperatures of around mid 20's to 30's little or no rain and lush green forests.  March through June Is the hotter period with temperatures getting up to the mid 30's with chances of rain but this is often a relief from the warmer weather.  July through Mid October is the monsoons:  Its still good to ride but you need to be prepared for rain which in the most part is late afternoons.

During the monsoon period of June through October anyone wishing to join a dirt bike tour must be experienced riders and prepared to do some mud plugging and prepare for mayhem.  We do ride dirt tours in the monsoon period but we often have to make changes to the schedule to deal with the local conditions.  Once you apply for a tour date we will discuss this with you in details  Contact Our Team

Can I reserve a date without it costing me anything?

Yes you can and we stongly suggest you do it.  We understand you may need time to get holiday from work or to arrange your flights.  Contact us and tell us when you think you want to come and if available we will hold dates for up to 14 days without any deposit on a first refusal basis. Reserve Dates Here

I'm worried about joining a group that are too advanced for me.

Every motorbike tour we book especially off road based enduro style tours we try to get everyone on the group who are at the same riding ability, nobody wants to hold others up.  It's not always easy but if you are brutally honest with yourself (and us) we won't ever book you onto a group thats too advanced for your ability. This also goes for advanced riders in a group of lesser ability.  Speak with us and we will do what we can to get you onto a suitable tour. Speak to our team

What If I find myself out of my league in a group?

We operate three styles of motorbike tours:  Enduro - Dual Sport - Sports Bike.  Everyone who joins our Thailand bike tours must be at least comfortable riding a sports bike and able to handle it in most situations.  If you join our dirt based tours suitable for road riders who have little or no experience off road then if you find yourself out of your league we will switch you onto a parallel tour on the road with one of our support crew and you will still meet up with the other riders each night.

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