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“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times”

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Established in 1999 we at Motorbike Thailand established ourselves as the premier motorbike tour company in Northern Thailand offering more than just 'motorcycle tours in Northern Thailand' - Our team spent many years searching out routes very few used off the beaten track routes to experience a once in a lifetime motorcycle adventure packaged into a carefully planned Motorbike Holiday with full immersion into rural Thailand life.

Our bike holidays focus on adventure and the ride - We ride deep jungles in Mae Hong Son province regarded as Thailand's 'Wild West' an area almost lost in time visited mostly by adventure seekers - This area is raw, unfiltered and natural with very little tourism, you'll stay in different locations each evening but don't expect souless western style hotels as thankfully they simply don't exist, you'll stay in Thai and hilltribe owned wooden lodges and boutique resorts in often remote locations. An adventure in itself!

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Our Most Popular Motorcycle tours ebbing on the more adventurous side - These tours operate in one of the most least populated regions on Thailand in a 14,000 square kilometer mountanous region ranging up to 2500m above sea level alongside the infamous Burmese border with Thailand. An Incredible Once In A Lifetime Motorcycle Experience 

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