2 Day Dirt Bike Tour that can be tailored to your Schedule - Budget and Riding Experience!

Karen Hill tribe in Northern Thailand

'Tribal Circuit' is the most adaptable dirt bike tour we operate and can be altered around to suit your budget, riding ability, schedule and more.  The basic schedule is a simple two day package on great off road trails in Chiang Mai province, Thailand but we can also either prior to booking or even after you arrive add in extra days, adapt the trails to suit your motorbike experience and riding ability and more...Choose accommodation from top notch 5 star luxury even down to camping under the stars. Pure luxury, mid quality hotels, hostels to a dirt bike camping expedition (Just like dirt biking was in the good old days.) is available to you.  So, get creative and lets make an awesome dirt bike adventure together or just choose the basic schedule and lets ride.   


Basic 2 Day schedule


'Tribal Circuit' dirt bike tour starting and ending from Chiang mai city in its basic form is a two day enduro ride concentrating on the tribal trails within the province of Chiang Mai . The dirt trails inlcuded are suitable for intermediate level dirt bike riders but we can alter the trails to suit your ability on the fly.  It includes one nights accommodation in a unique and remote Hill Tribe lodge 1300 mters above sea level,  one of the most memorable accommodations on all our dirt bike tours and in the most spectacular location.


The the two day package covers up to 440 kilmeters on multiple terrain.  As this tour is designed to be adapted by you contact us and tell us how you want to tour!


Your Options for the basic two Day Package

  • Take it in its basic form. 2 days 1 Night: $580.00 USD (see below whats included)
  • Add extra days to the above package (must be booked prior to arriving) from $240.00 USD per day. 
  • Add extra days after arriving (can be done on your 2nd day and subject to availability) $275.00 USD per day.


If you add extra days prior to arriving.

  • Make it a camping expedition!
  • Choose the quality of the hotels from Hostels to 5 star!
  • Choose less or more technical off road sections.!
  • You want a specific location to visit? No problem.


Don't leave it too late!  We are one of the busiest dirt bike tour companies in Thailand and especially between October through February (peak season) arranging a specific tailored tour is not always possible but we will do our best, but to avoid disapointment we strongly suggest you contact us in advance. 


Basic two day package includes

                • Honda CRF 250L or Kawasaki KLX 250s
                • Shared accommodation
                • Fuel/Oil
                • Breakfast & lunch
                • Soft drinks and snacks while riding
                • English speaking tour leader
                • Support rider (with more than 5 riders)
                • National park entrance fees


How To Book

f you are travelling alone or flexible with dates check our Tour Calendar and join a group already booked.  In other cases Click here give us a little information and we'll sort a date that suits your schedule. Once we have confirmed dates and ready to make a booking we'll forward a secure payment link for a 20% deposit to hold your tour.  Final payment is made around 40 days before you arrive.  In some situations payment can be made on arrival.


In any situation... To secure a date to suit you Speak to us as soon as possible. If you haven't booked flights or time off from work and need time to confirm we will hold dates for you without a deposit and under no obligation with first refusal.

We Look forward to helping you plan your Thailand Motorbike Tour      


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