Motorbike Thailand Terms & Conditions


It is important to us that you are happy with your motorcycle adventure tour and that you understand the nature of our motorcycle tours. We would, therefore, ask that you take a few minutes to read these booking conditions and if you need clarification on any point please do not hesitate to contact us
You take a tour with us fully understanding the dangers involved in a motorcycle tour and by making a booking you do so only as a competent capable motorcyclist. 


1) Deposits

A contract between us and you will not come into effect until we notify you in writing of our acknowledgment of deposit and booking.  A deposit is payable at the time of booking. Bookings or dates cannot be guaranteed until deposit is recieved.


2) Balance payments.


Balance payments must be made in full before your tour commences and payable 30 days before the tour date.   In certain situations we are able to accept a final balance payable on arrival. 


3) Cancellation by you.

A) Payments/deposits made for tours operating in our peak season between 1st October to 31st March inclusive are non refundable in any circumstance

B) Cancellations of tours beginning outside of our peak season (see 3A above) the following cancellation charges will be imposed. They are calculated from the day your cancellation is received in writing. All cancellations incur an administrative fee of $75.00 per person.

  • 90 days before the tour date: 50% of deposit is retained 
  • Between 60 – 89 days before the tour date: 80% of Deposit is retained
  • Between 41 – 59 days prior to the tour date: 100% of tour deposit is retained
  • Between 11 - 40 days 70% of invoice amount is retained
  • Less than 10 days Full invoice amount is retained
  • Any payments returned will incur any costs or transfer fees imposed on us by our bank. 
4) If we cancel your booking.

We will not cancel your tour unless we are forced to do so by circumstances beyond our control such as, war, civil or political unrest or 'force majeure';  We will never cancel a tour if the minimum number of persons required to operate the tour has not been reached providing your booking has been made 6 weeks before the tour date.  If we cancel the tour, we will offer you an alternative tour if possible. If this is not possible or not acceptable to you we will refund all payments made to us in respect of the tour cost, but we are not liable for any incidental expenses you may have incurred. 

5) Transferring of bookings

In certain circumstances, which we consider to be reasonable, you may be able to transfer your booking to another suitable person. This can only be permitted if all suppliers (e.g. the airline) agree to accept the transfer. If a transfer is acceptable then we will make an administration charge of £50 per person plus any charges that may be levied by suppliers. 

6) Surcharges

We reserve the right to impose a surcharge up to 6 weeks prior to departure If Government action forces us to increase charges, increased transportation costs, currency fluctuations or fuel costs.  If any surcharge is imposed which exceeds 10% of the tour cost, you have the right to cancel your booking within 7 days of the notification of the surcharge and we will refund any monies paid to us in respect of the tour.

7) Liability

Motorbike Thailand will not be held responsible for any mishaps to yourself or your property, in particular those arising from a motorcycle accident involving you or a third party including other members of the group, consequence of flight cancellations, strikes, wars, riots, robbery, sickness, quarantine or weather, Government intervention and other such happenings. 

The Company will not accept liability for damages caused by the total or partial failure to carry out the contract if the failure is attributable to a passenger  unforeseeable or unavoidable and attributable to a third party unconnected to the Company; or the result of circumstances beyond the Company's control; or the result of an event that the Company even with all due care and attention could not foresee or forestall. Where the Company is found to be liable for damages in respect of its failure to carry out the contract, the maximum amount of such damages will normally be limited to the price paid for the tour only.

You undertake this tour with the full understanding of your limitations and ability as a motorcycle rider and will not take risks that you deem to be beyond your riding capability.  

8) Tour Itineraries

Tour itineraries are meant as a rough guideline only and Motorbike Thailand reserve the right to alter any itinerary at any time to account for weather disturbances, local conditions or any reason directly or indirectly related to the group participating in the motorcycle tour. 

9) Motorcycle damage Insurance

We allow for normal wear and tear to our motorcycles such as brakes, clutch and tyres while in your responsibility.  Our motorcycles are insured for 3rd party only.  You are liable for the first 10,000 Thai Baht of any claim regardless of whether the accident or damage was caused by you or a third party.  Damages exceeding the cost of the motorcycle  (insurance write off)  you will be liable up to a maximum of 150,000 Thai Baht.  Your passport will be held as a security deposit and Cash Deposit of $150. These returned as soon as any motorcycle damage costs liable by you as mentioned above is paid for in full. 

10) Personal travel insurance

Personal travel insurance is mandatory and not included in the cost of the holiday. It is a condition of your booking with us that each person or each member of a group booking, has travel insurance covering for riding a motorcycle of 250cc or more (not in competition).

We advise that your travel insurance covers medical, repatriation, liability insurance and personal accident as a minimum.  

We cannot be held liable in the event of any claim arising out of events beyond our control as a result of optional activities run by others, airlines or booking delays or cancellations or as a result of you taking part in activities which are not part of the original booking. Failure to provide proof of adequate travel insurance may result in the cancellation of the holiday on the same terms as (3) 'cancellation by you'

11) International drivers licence/Motorcycle licence

It is Thai law that a foreigner must be in possession of an international drivers licence (or Thai licence for residents of Thailand).  It is your responsibility to bring with you a valid international drivers licence which should be carried with you at all times.  

12) Polite notice

As you are ultimately in control of the motorcycle you take full responsibility of your actions.  We do our best to select routes we perceive is within your riding ability however,  you agree that you will not attempt anything you feel is beyond your riding ability.   Our guides will not be held accountable if you ride outside of your riding capabilities and injure yourself in doing so.   

If your riding is found to be dangerous to yourself, other members of the group, member of the general public or other road users we reserve the right to terminate your tour with us immediately or should you commit an illegal act or your personal behavior be judged to be a danger or nuisance to fellow travellers or members of the public without refund of services including services part or un-used.