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Dit Bike Experience Tour - 8 Day 7 Night package
The motorcycle tour operates mostly within the Far North West of Thailand in Mae Hong province one of Thailand's least populated regions in a highest density jungle within the Shan Apalachian mountain range.  The tour begins and ends in Chiang Mai city Northern Thailand
This is an 8 day 7 night package with 6 Full days riding.

The first day and last day are for arrival and departures - On these 2 days you'll be staying in a mid range hotel in the center of Chiang Mai city - These are free days to do as you please.

The ride begins around 9 am the following morning of your arrival riding for 6 full days staying in different locations each evening - The last day of the ride returns back to Chiang Mai and you depart the following morning.

We highly recommend to ask us about arriving a day earlier especially after a long haul flight allowing you more time to recover from your flight before the ride begins.
Availability - Best Time To Travel
As with all our motorbike tours this tour only operates between November and February when the local conditions are optimum for this type of tour.  The absolute perfect time is December and January.
Is It Right For You...
A motorbike holiday designed for riders who are experienced on road but with little or no off road experience
Every group is different so the off road routes are tailored from day one on the fly to suit the groups ability and level of adventure. We've over two decades of experince in operating motorcycle tours for all levels of rider ability so trust our experience if your group struggle off road we will alter it as we go to suit even as far as changing it to a 100% road based.

We don't pre-book all the accommodation as this allows us to make drastic changes to the routes if we had to. 

If you can handle a bike with ease and you fancy some dirt based adventure this tour would suit you down to the ground - Alternatively, we have another option using Adventure style road bikes which is mainly road based with a few unsurfaced back roads operating in the same area, Take a look at that tour here 
Chiang Mai
You'll get private accommodation for the 2 nights in Chiang Mai unless you want to share with someone.
On Tour
You'll be riding in regions with very little tourist infastructure therefore, due to limited availability of accommodation we ask all members of the group to share rooms when on tour - We can arrange non sharing if you really need it depending on your group size but you would need to contact us about this when we plan your tour.

All rooms on tour are all Thai owned usually by local resdients wooden chalet style usually individual buildings, hill tribe lodges and small boutique resorts with some being a highlight of the tour.
You simply cannot go wrong with eating in Thailand though watch out for those chillies!

During the riding section of the tour (day 2 to 7) we cover your breakfast and lunch. - Remember we are travelling in the extremely remote regons so our only choices are local roadside eateries usually selling BBQ pork, fried rice,noodles etc but we can only stop at those type of places when we are close to a town.
Some days we'll be deep in the Thai jungles with no access to any restaurants at all - On those days we carry basic food similar to wartime rations (place smiley emoticon here) usually noodles when we can get the hill tribes to boil up water for us but considering they have no electricity or solar power thats not always an easy task.  Please remember on some days the routes are totally inaccessible to anything other than dirt bikes or boats - You may get a few hunger attacks on those days but trust us -It all comes good eventually.
Riding Gear
Our motorcycle tours are for experienced riders only so assumed you would have decent riding gear suitable for this type of tour - We understand how much of a pain it can be to pack full motorbike gear for international travel but we simply cannot hold enough riding gear to fit so many sizes but let's be honest do you really want to wear second hand gear multple people have worn in humid jungle conditions?
Full off road riding gear is required for protection - All our staff will be fully geared up!  Body protection including elbows, knees and chest, Proper off road boots, full face helmets and gloves.  We'll go into more detail when you reserve your dates.
Sight seeing off the bikes
The aim of this tour is to introduce you to the off road motorcycle experience taking you to places a road bike or even an adventure would struggle so our aim is to give you the real organic dirt biking experience however, after saying that because the tour is so adaptable we can offer you some interesting sights outside of the jungles such as the many Bhuddist temples but please accept the following...
All our motorbike tours operate in an area with very little tourist infastructure it is all about the raw nature, outstanding scenery and the unique local inhabitants - This is a part of Thailand many rarely see and experience so please don't confuse it with other parts of the Kingdom with the notorius bars and clubs as they does not exist.
Guaranteed Dates
Due to the availability of our tours we often book out 12-18 months in advance but we will guarantee dates for you providing you give advance notice...

Even if you don't have the minimum group size as yet contact us as soon as possible - We'll pencil you in the best available dates and hold your place on a first refusal basis - We won't ask for any deposit and we can also change the dates at a later time when you preceed with a reservation.. 

If you leave things to the last minute or you wait until you have all your group confirmed we maybe unable to gurantee any dates.
Chiang Mai Section
Chiang Mai section is reserved for your arrival and departure Day 1 & Day 8 and free time for you.

  • Chiang Mai Airport Transfers
  • Bed & Breakfast (Private Rooms)
  • Welcome drinks and evening meal (day 1)

Riding Days (Day 2 to 7)

  • Accomodation (Sharing)
  • Motorcycle rental
  • Fuel, Oil
  • Bike Servicing
  • Support vehicle & Driver
  • Breakfast, Thai lunch
  • Soft drinks and snacks (Daytime)
  • English Tour Leader
  • Thai Support rider
  • Thai Mechanic
  • National Park Entry Fees
  • Any transportation required in the evenings. 

Allow yourself a budget for your evening meals/drinks/partying of around $40-$50 USD per evening. This will be more than plenty even for the biggest eaters and drinkers.

Personal expenses such as laundry, personal shopping etc.
Rider Price
$2190.00 Per rider

Group Discounts
The discounts below will be given per rider - To get the group rates you need to make one booking for all your group make one payment for deposit/balance and assign one group leader to deal with us direct. 

5 - Riders - $30.00 
6 - Riders - $40.00 
7 - Riders - $50.00 
8+ Riders - $70.00

No Riders

$1290.00 Per rider

These are your non riding family and friends on a parallel tour in our support truck.  They will have their own english speaking guide and meet up with the group each evening. 

Check Availability

Before we can plan this tour for you we need to check availability - Use the form below and tell us when you can tour, how many in your group and the riding experience for your group.

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